Theft, Repatriation and Warzone Archaeology

16.30 – 17.20

Saturday 4th April

In recent years, conversations surrounding the ownership of archaeological artefacts and the conservation of at-risk archaeological sites have taken on greater urgency. Alongside the ancient city of Palmyra, there are currently 20,000 archaeological sites listed as being at severe risk in the Middle East and North Africa. Meanwhile, discussions about the repatriation of museum objects are gaining momentum and there’s also a growing public understanding of the realities of historic colonial looting of objects such as the Benin Bronzes. This wide-ranging panel session explores the history of these ancient sites and objects, the issues surrounding endangered archaeology and the growing movement towards the repatriation of plundered artefacts. Expert panellists include: Professor Kehinde Andrews, Paddy Docherty, Dr Zena Kamash and Dr Hossam Mahdy.

This is an individually ticketed Eliot Room event.


Event image kindly provided by the Mary Evans Picture Library