HistFest takes ‘history’ in its very fullest sense to offer innovative events across the UK for all audiences – from lectures, film screenings and seminars, to workshops, archival tours and live performances. We celebrate the exciting work being undertaken by academics, teachers and public figures to bring together the many branches of history. Working with some of the UK’s biggest institutions – from the British Library to the Museum of London – HistFest seeks to educate, entertain, and address some of the big questions about the use and misuse of history on the world stage.

For far too long, history has been the preserve of the privileged. Not anymore. History belongs to all.


Rebecca Rideal, Founder and Director

Rebecca is a historian, consultant and author of 1666: Plague, War and Hellfire, and the forthcoming God’s Throne: The Rise, Fall and Revolution of the Stuarts, 1603-1714. She founded HistFest in 2018 to offer history buffs something different – modern history events that reflect current historical research and understanding. Drawing from the past, to inspire the future.