HistFest Quiz

The Great Big HistFest ‘Pub’ Quiz

#HistFestPubQuiz – 8.30pm, Friday 1 May

You are cordially invited to the inaugural Great Big HistFest Pub Quiz, which will take place at 8.30pm on Friday 1st May on our YouTube channel.

You can take part as an individual or create your own zoom / skype / whatsapp/ house party network and compete with (or against) neighbours, colleagues, friends and family.

There will be five rounds, which will cover all of history. Yes, all. It is not required, but if you want to have a slight advantage, you may find it helpful to watch the following HistFest: Lockdown videos:

Prizes: There are no prizes, just a sense of immense superiority for those to achieve high scores. We will, however, be giving out a couple of signed books for the best team names.

You can make as much of the evening as you like – dress up, dress down, whatever you fancy! Just remember to use the hashtag when you share posts on social media.

As with all HistFest Lockdown events, the quiz is free to take part, but we would be incredibly grateful if you’d consider making a donation to our GoFundMe page.

The Great Big Children’s Quiz

#HistFestChildrensQuiz – 3.30pm, Friday 1 May

We are also pleased to announce a short and fun children’s quiz, which will also take place on our YouTube channel at 3pm the same day.

The questions will be linked to history and suitable for key stage 2 (years 3, 4, 5, and 6).

*Please note, the Children’s Quiz will be clearly labelled, but not all of the content on the channel is suitable for young children. Parents/guardians/carers should supervise*