Femina: Writing Medieval Women Back into History

19.00 – 21.00

Friday 3rd April

“History is written by the victors.” This truism can be felt the further back into the past you look. Medieval texts tell of the battles, victories, land grabs and lives of great men, immortalized by Church and state in our nation’s history. But when it comes to the medieval period, this is only half the story.

In this riveting talk, Dr Janina Ramirez draws upon years of research and new discoveries to tell the story of those often excluded from our narratives of the medieval past – women. We discover how they were at the artistic forefront in the creation of illustrated texts, blazing trails as industrious business owners, leading armies into battle, politicking their way through society and writing some of the most powerful literature of the period. By taking a fresh approach that is interdisciplinary, diverse and experimental, Dr Janina Ramirez presents a vision of the medieval world with women written back in.

The event will also include an exclusive musical performance and a look back at the most important history stories of the past year.