Who was the Chevalier d’Éon?

Soldier, Spy, Socialite, Trans Woman: Who was the Chevalier d’Éon?

7pm, Friday 24 February – ONLINE

Join Cheryl Morgan to explore the fascinating life and times of Charlotte de Beaumont, Chevalière d’Eon, who was one of the best known celebrities of Georgian England. A former French soldier and diplomat, her true sex had been the subject of much gossip and massive wagers in London. Revealing herself to be a woman, she was welcomed to the French court by Marie Antoinette. She returned to London in time to avoid the Revolution, and having lost her government pension she supported herself through public fencing matches in which she regularly beat male opponents. On her death, she was revealed to have male anatomy.

*Please note: Ticket holders will have access to the talk for 7 days. This is an online event with live captioning*


About the Speaker

Cheryl Morgan is a co-chair of OutStories Bristol and a regular speaker on the LGBT+ History Month circuit. As a expert in trans history, she has written for venues such as Notches, History Matters, and the CUCD Bulletin. Her work has also appeared in Introduction to Transgender Studies (Ardel Haefele-Thomas) and the SAGE Encyclopedia of Trans Studies (Abbie E Goldberg & Genny Beemyn).