Succession: Bastards, Heirs and Pretenders

10:00 – 10:50    

Saturday 4th April                                         

If history tells us anything, it is that royal successions are rarely straightforward. There has never been a time when this was more the case than during the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor period, with uncles plotting against nephews and nieces, mothers and fathers clashing with sons and daughters, and warring houses battling over competing claims to the throne. This unique event brings three leading historians together to explore how ideas of primogeniture, gender, legitimacy and ancestry have played into the politics of royal successions and profoundly shaped English history. Historians Nathen Amin (The House of Beaufort), Lauren Johnson (Shadow King) and Dr Joanne Paul (Counsel and Command in Early Modern English Thought) will shine a light on a rogue’s gallery of royal bastards, infamous pretenders and the suspicious deaths of first-born sons.

Saturday and Weekend Pass holders have access to this talk.



Event image kindly provided by the Mary Evans Picture Library