Storytellers: Turning Historical Fact into Historical Fiction

11.30 – 12.20

Sunday 5th April

It is a truth universally unacknowledged, that most people come to history through fiction. From films and theatre to novels and video games, histories are everywhere. But turning historical fact into historical fiction comes with an ocean of challenges. How do storytellers navigate these stormy waters? Is it possible to be historically authentic and commercially appealing? And, why are there so many Jane Austen adaptations? Part panel discussion, part audience Q&A, we bring together some of the UK’s leading storytellers to explore the complicated world of historical fiction. Panellists include academic, novelist and founder of the Jhalak Prize Dr Sunny Singh (Hotel Arcadia), author and screenwriter Catherine Johnson (Freedom, screen adaptation of Black Tudors), historian and historical consultant Dr Jacqueline Riding (Peterloo),and journalist, stage and screenwriter Juliet Gilkes Romero (The Whip).

This event is an Eliot Room event and individually ticketed