Shakespeare’s Sisters

15.00 – 15.50

Sunday 5th April

Juliet. Queen Titania. Ophelia. Lady MacBeth. There isn’t a single female character in Shakespeare’s canon that was written to be performed by a woman. Yet women were there from the outset – funding, building and running the theatres.

Beginning with a reading from Richard II by pioneering Shakespearean actor Adjoa Andoh, this timely talk explores the role of and the roles for women in the worlds and works of Shakespeare. From the trailblazing female playhouse owners of the sixteenth century to the evolution of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters – we go on a journey into the cultural history of theatre, performance and women. Joining Adjoa Andoh are theatre historian Dr Andy Kesson, intellectual historian Dr Vanessa Lim and event chair and early modern historian Dr Wanda Wyporska.

Sunday and Weekend Pass holders will have access to this talk.



Event image kindly provided by the Mary Evans Picture Library