On Savage Shores: The Native Americans Who Discovered Europe

15:00 – 15:50 

Saturday 4th April

The story of the sixteenth century is one of movement and meetings, of iconic explorers crossing great oceans and setting foot on strange shores, sowing the seeds of our modern global world. Yet for too long the narrative of this period has focused on Europeans ‘discovering’ America. In this fascinating talk, Dr Caroline Dodds Pennock draws upon years of research to present a compelling new history, one of the thousands of native Americans travelling to Europe during this period: from the Brazilian king who met Henry VIII, to the Inuit who harpooned ducks on the Avon; from the Aztecs who mocked up human sacrifice at the court of Charles V, to the Maya nobles who made chocolate for the Spanish king. They forged the course of European history, just as surely as Europe shaped America. For such indigenous travellers and discoverers, Europe was the savage shore.

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The event is kindly supported by the Eccles Centre for American Studies