Julius Caesar: Rome’s Greatest Warlord

15.00 – 15.50

Sunday 5th April

Julius Caesar was the leading military and political leader of the late Roman Republic, and an inspiration to countless military commanders over the last two millennia. Born into an aristocratic family, he skilfully survived the turmoil of the early civil wars between the optimates and populares Senatorial factions to position himself as the greatest Roman warlord of the era, and eventually dictator. In this fascinating talk, Dr Simon Elliott (Julius Caesar: Rome’s Greatest Warlord) will detail his family and early life, his rise to power, his infamous campaigns to conquer Gaul including his two incursions to Britain, his civil war against Pompey and his supporters as Caesar rose the very pinnacle of Roman society, and finally his assassination, and legacy today.

This is an Eliot Room event and individually ticketed.


Images kindly provided by the Mary Evans Picture Library