John of Gaunt with Helen Carr and Dan Jones

John of Gaunt: Helen Carr in conversation with Dan Jones

7.30pm, Thurs 3 June

Son of Edward III, brother to the Black Prince, father to Henry IV and the sire of all the Tudors. Always close to the English throne, John of Gaunt left a complex legacy. Too rich, too powerful, too haughty… did he have his eye on his nephew’s throne? Why was he such a focus of hate in the Peasants’ Revolt? In this special event, medieval historian and author Dan Jones chats to historian Helen Carr, whose brand new biography of John of Gaunt, The Red Prince, re-examines the life of this pivotal figure.

This is an online event. Ticket holders will be sent a link in advance and will have access to the event for 7 days. Accessibility: Subtitles.

Tickets £5