HistFest 2021

Celebrating the brightest and the best in the world of history

We’re thrilled to announce the full line-up for HistFest 2021!

In partnership with the British Library, this year’s online festival will cover a range of history – from Tacky’s Revolt and renaissance art to the legacies of the British Empire and the real world of Arthur Conan Doyle. Speakers include Sathnam Sanghera, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, Shrabani Basu, Professor Michael Wood, Juliet Gilkes Romero, Dr Janina Ramirez and many more. Join us for an exciting weekend of talks, discussions, laughter, and learning. You can get a Weekend Pass, a Day Pass or book individual sessions.

This event has now passed


20:00 – 21:00: HistQuiz!

Join us for possibly the greatest history quiz online, as some of our finest comedians and historians team up to demonstrate their incomparable knowledge, or lack of it. Play along at home and see if you can beat out esteemed competitors scores. Panellists include Richard Herring, Dr Janina Ramirez, Professor Rana Mitter and Dr Naoise Mac Sweeney, among others.


15:00 – 15.50: Disability in the Industrial Revolution: Pitmen, Politicians, Activists and Artists

Dr David Turner, Dr Amy Kavanagh

17:00 – 17:50: Artemisia: Mistress of Blood      

Dr Bendor Grosvenor, Dr Catherine Fletcher, Ferren Gipson      

18:00 – 18:50: Empireland

Sathnam Sanghera, Nesrine Malik

19:00 – 19:50: Resistance and Rebellion: From Tacky’s Revolt to the Haitian Revolution

Professor Vincent Brown, Dr Peggy Brunache

20:00 – 20:50: Voices from the Archives: The Secret Lives of Sixteenth-Century Women

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb        


16:00 – 16:50: The Real World of Arthur Conan Doyle

Dr Matthew Sweet, Shrabani Basu, Dr Clare Clarke

17:00 – 17:50: The House of Byron: Scandal, Fall and the Rise to Celebrity

Professor Kate Williams, Emily Brand, Greg Jenner

18:00 – 18:50: Black Tudors, Activists and Midwives: When Historical Fact Meets Historical Fiction

Professor Sunny Singh, Dr Jacqueline Riding, Juliet Gilkes Romero, Catherine Johnson, Stephen McGann

19.00 – 19.50: Æthelflæd: Lady of the Mercians

Professor Michael Wood

Click here to purchase tickets can be purchased via the British Library.