Æthelflæd: Lady of the Mercians

19.00 – 19.50

Sunday 11th April

This is an online event hosted on the British Library platform. Bookers will be sent a link in advance giving access and will be able to watch at any time for 48 hours after the start time.

Æthelflæd (c870-918) is one of the most remarkable women in medieval Britain, but the fragmentary records of her career are a striking example of the erasure of women’s history.  Eldest child of Alfred the Great, she governed the ancient kingdom of the Mercians for thirty-two years, the last eight as sole ruler. She founded cities, built fortresses and even led her troops into battle against the Danes, playing a crucial role in the creation of the kingdom of the English that emerged in the 920s under her foster son Athelstan. In this fascinating illustrated talk, historian and broadcaster Professor Michael Wood explores the life, times and legacy of the Lady of the Mercians.

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Individual Ticket: £5

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This event is kindly supported by Sick to Death